Rendersi is a boutique financial advisory and investment firm built to serve founders and entrepreneurs. 


Don’t wait for opportunity—capture it, with Rendersi.

We are an innovative strategic financial advisory and principal investment firm that provides services and capital strategies designed to help private and public companies close M&A transactions, raise capital, and create long-term value-based plans for success. 



The opportunities we create for our clients, create us.

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We thrive at the intersection of opportunity and growth. With unwavering loyalty, visionary creativity and unsurpassed service, we help clients overcome challenges and see connections amongst what feels disconnected. Our goal is to build relationships that allow our clients to discover untapped possibilities yielding exceptional returns.

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We do everything you’d expect from a financial advisory firm, but with one monumental difference: We do it with an elevated emotional quotient.

As investors who have founded, grown and sold our own businesses, we understand that you’ve invested more than just money in your business: you’ve fully invested your heart, soul, mind and time.



We have two goals:
Serving you in a creative, customized, caring fashion and creating opportunities that produce outsized returns.

Success mandates a creative, modern approach individually tailored to each client.  You won’t find cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all templates here.


First you learn the status quo; Then you break from it.
It takes experience to be able to step outside the box.



We deliver big firm expertise with the attention, agility, and client dedication that only a small firm can offer.

We provide all the services of a large, full-service investment bank with none of the hassles: being pawned off to constantly changing junior staff, bureaucratic tangles, expensive overhead, and costly conflicts of interest.

We also have a history of putting our money where our minds are through our active co-investment activities—aligning interests and winning together.



We’re building long-term strategic relationships with businesses that share our values, not just looking for the next big deal.

For decades, we’ve helped clients in a broad array of companies and built life-long relationships that have yielded impressive outcomes. We have earned a strong reputation for our dedication to helping family- and founder-lead entities, meeting their needs with compassion, demystifying the “black box” nature of transactions, and standing with them every step of the way.



Thematics That Matter



Real people helping real businesses.

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